Reader Reconnaissance

TravelWhimsy and I are excited to introduce our new Reader Reconnaissance series, a forum for YOU, our dear readers, to share YOUR travel experiences using miles and points. You can send us your trip reports in as many or few words as you’d like, along with pictures, and we’ll format them for publication on the blog.

We will be relying on you to help us grow this list:

  1. 06/10/2012: Reader RK – British Airways First Class + Park Hyatt Paris Vendome
  2. 07/01/2012: Reader Ko – Using Miles & Points to Visit Japan for the First Time
  3. 08/09/2012: Reader Hilary – Mini Round-the-world Trip with Miles & Points
  4. 12/25/2012: Reader Art – 13,102-Mile 11-Segment 3-Day Mileage Run to Achieve AAdvantage Executive Platinum Status
  5. 01/26/2013: Reader R & F – A 3-Day Trip to Cappadocia, Turkey

Let me know what you think! I respond to all comments.

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  • Kim

    Love your blog!

    We flew to Thailand on Asiana last year, so 5 of us have approx 16,000 Asiana points each. At the time, I was REALLY new to the points game and we signed up for Asiana Club miles. My daughter just flew to Brazil on United and now has several thousand miles to log with them. Here’s my question: Can Asiana Club miles be transferred to United within Star Alliance? She will most likely not fly to Asia anytime within the next several years. I’m wondering if I should have those United miles put on her Asiana Club acct or United’s Mileage Plus? As we’re in the US, I think United miles would be more advantageous to us? Or are Asiana miles relatively easy to use within the Star Alliance?

    Thank you.


    • Kim, unfortunately, miles cannot be transferred between alliance partners. I have edited your comment to take out your email address so you don’t get spammed. Crediting miles to your choice of one single frequent flyer program is actually a very important topic to beginners.

      In your case, the 16,000 Asiana miles have sorta become what’s called “orphan miles.” You can fly Asiana within Korea for 10,000 points – check this link for more details

      The next best option would be 30,000 between Korea and Japan/North Asia, or 35,000 on Star Alliance partners for a trip of 1-3,000 miles in distance. All those are quoted for round-trip travel, as no one-way redemption is allowed with Asiana points.

      It also does not seem like Asiana has any other transfer/redemption options. You can try contacting Asiana to see if you can combine all 5 accounts or redeem the points for hotel nights or other products.

      Going forward, I’d stick with crediting all your Star Alliance flights to United for the best surcharge-free redemption options.

  • Paul

    OK I am going to Grip. I got an email saying my Choice Hotel Points would Expire on 12/31/2012. My wife and I decided we would trade them in for Dining Certificates. We were concerned that the certs. would also have an expiration, so we waited till the last minute to order them.

    So at 7am on the 31st we logged on and….all the points were gone. This was Choice’s responce.

    Thank you for your email Paul,

    Choice Privileges points expire on December 31st, two years from the year in which you earned them. This information is located in the rules and regulations. The points expire on December 31 and are removed from your account on December 31. You are required to use any expiring points prior to the expiration date.

    Thank you for your inquiry. I appreciate your membership with Choice Privileges.

    Sarah J

    Email Resolution Desk

    • Paul, Choice has a very strict point expiration policy, and I am sorry to hear about your experience. Did you try and speak to a manager regarding this? If Choice is willing to reinstate your points, you might want to consider transferring your points to one of your favorite airlines. Good luck!

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