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No-go for the Wyndham Free-night Extension Offer

A quick but important update to the extension of Wyndham promotion I wrote about yesterday. I’m afraid that this is going to be disappointing to many of you.

According to a Wyndham Representative who posted in this flyertalk thread (see posts #397 and #418), the change of offer dates that made the offer look like a new one was the result of a two-part targeted promotion. Most Wyndham Rewards members who had subscribed to email offers received the original offers through emails, while those who had not received an actual paper mailer with an offer link and new dates. If you have taken FULL advantage of the original email offer (receiving 48,000 bonus points for 3 stays), which ran from August 6 to October 6, 2012, I’d advise you NOT to proceed with making any new bookings. If you didn’t know about the original email offer and have not received the actual paper mailer, I’d also recommend that you do NOT attempt it.

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The Penny-mile Free-night Wyndham Rewards Promotion Is Back and Even Better!

[Update (October 18, 2012): Offer terms have changed. Read today’s update first. You might get lucky, but proceed at your own risk.]

It’s a wonderful day for all of us interested in earning more Wyndham points that can be transferred to your airlines of choice. Yes, the recently expired 16,000-bonus-point-per-stay Wyndham offer I first wrote about on August 14, 2012 is BACK and even BETTER!

This time around, you can earn ~54,000 Wyndham Rewards points for as little as $150. Those 54,000 points can be converted to ~21,600 traditional airline miles or ~16,200 Southwest Rapid Rewards points. Even if you don’t like airline miles or the Southwest Companion Pass, you will end up with enough points for three free nights at a midtown Manhattan hotel. Best of all, the confusing “must click through email” clause has been taken out of the fine print.

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Update on the Wyndham 16,000 Bonus Points Free Night Promotion (aka Buying Airline Miles for Less Than One Penny)

After writing about how to take advantage of the Wyndham 16,000 bonus points offer in mid-August, I decided to run a little experiment so that I could better answer reader questions with my own first-hand experience.

If you never received an email directly from Wyndham about this offer, you might want to check your emails and spam folder again. A new email about this offer was sent out yesterday (September 4, 2012) from Wyndham Rewards (, and the email looks like this.

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Alert – Another Chance to Buy Airline Miles for a Penny per Mile via a New Wyndham Promotion (Up to 19,200 Miles per Account)

A few months ago, we all had a shot at scoring some valuable airline miles for less than a penny per mile via Daily Getaways by buying Wyndham points and then converting them to miles at your favorite airlines. Competition for those limited number of packages was fierce, and many ended up with nothing but disappointment.

Well, a second chance has surfaced, if you are still looking to top off your frequent flyer accounts. Back then, a 16,000-point package cost $55 (or $50 with the Amex discount); now, it is around $64 and you get a hotel night to use if you want to!

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“Daily Getaways” Promotion – Coming Soon!

Update (10:45am PST, March 29, 2012): Just got a tweet a few minutes ago regarding this year’s Daily Getaways – “Love #travel loyalty points? #SneakPeek: This year’s DailyGetaways will offer unprecented point sales!”

Some of you may have heard of the “Discover America” promotion, jointly offered by American Express and U.S. Travel Association in 2010 and 2011. This year, the same promotion is coming back, and I just received an email notification this morning.

Daily Getaways 2012 Coming Soon!

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