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3 Useful Free Mobile Apps for Paris (and Many Other Major Cities) + Free WiFi in Paris

Heading to Paris (or another major European city) soon and have an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, or Android device? Then you might want to test out the following few FREE apps, all of which work offline and can make your visit more enjoyable and efficient. In addition, you will also find out how and where to get free WiFi in Paris at the end of the post.

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Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #22

Happy Friday! Welcome back to our weekly feature – Foto Friday – Where, When, Why (“FFWWW”)!

FFWWW is a forum for all of us to share our favorite travel photos and the stories behind them. As many of you may know, TravelWhimsy and I recently spent 3 fun winter days in Paris. Today, I am excited to share my favorite photo from this trip – a picture taken by TravelWhimsy of the Garden at the Palace of Versailles. The reason why this photo means a lot to me might surprise you…

Palace of Versailles, France
TravelByPoints Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #22 (Beautiful Garden at the Palace of Versailles in the Winter)

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A 5-Minute Practical Guide for First-time Travelers to Paris, France

TravelWhimsy and I took advantage of the Presidents’ Day long weekend and spent 3 delightful winter days in the City of Light.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Three Winter Days in the City of Light (February 2013)

This post, listing things not present or emphasized in Rick Steves’ Paris Guide, is meant to help those of you planning your first trip to Paris save some time and money (and maybe points). For our readers who are Paris veterans, feel free to add your tips and suggestions in the comment section.

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Alert – Club Carlson Wants to Give You Another 50,000 Points!

Get up to 54,500 Club Carlson Gold Points (up to 6 Free Nights) after a One-night Stay! (Now, 142,500 Points for Almost 16 Free Nights after 3 Stays)

I tweeted on Saturday about the possibly of the return of last November’s “Radisson Big Night Giveaway” promotion (thanks to this flyertalk thread).

The rumor seems to have been confirmed. You can follow the steps in the map below to participate.

Click on the map above to join Club Carlson for the 4,500 bonus points, or follow this link (hat tip to Frugal Travel Guy & The Points Guy).

[Update: 7:50pm PST, 05/07/2012: keep reading to learn how to earn up to 142,500 in this promotion, almost 16 free nights!]

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4 Nights at the Park Hyatt Paris Suites for Free? – A $6,000 Value

No-fee Overseas Cash Withdrawal & Ground Transportation, Dining, Sight-seeing in Italy

On the heels of TravelWhimsy‘s recent post on our delayed honeymoon to Italy, this is part 4 of a 4-part series to answer some of our readers’ questions on the nitty-gritty of how the trip was booked to maximize savings.

(1) Flights
(2) Train Tickets
(3) Hotels
(4) Everything Else


We are going to talk about the following.

(1) How to avoid paying ANY foreign transaction fees for your overseas cash withdrawal & purchases
(2) Ground/water transportation (other than high-speed trains)
(3) Dining
(4) Sight-seeing / Free iPod guided tours

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