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Update on the Wyndham 16,000 Bonus Points Free Night Promotion (aka Buying Airline Miles for Less Than One Penny)

After writing about how to take advantage of the Wyndham 16,000 bonus points offer in mid-August, I decided to run a little experiment so that I could better answer reader questions with my own first-hand experience.

If you never received an email directly from Wyndham about this offer, you might want to check your emails and spam folder again. A new email about this offer was sent out yesterday (September 4, 2012) from Wyndham Rewards (, and the email looks like this.

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Charles Schwab ATM Card – Your Secret Weapon to Accessing Cash for Free Anywhere in the World

“What’s in My Wallet?” – Guest Post on TravelSort

Check out my “What’s in My Wallet?” guest post/graphic on TravelSort! If the graphic is too small, here is a link to a larger version. Hilary was kind enough to also add a written summary of all the cards I included.

I currently don’t have any of my own affiliate links to those cards that I mentioned, except for the American Express Permanent Prepaid Card, which can help you earn 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards points for almost everything you buy. If you don’t already have the American Express Prepaid Card, you can get a free $25 gift card before August 31, 2012 by loading $200 or more onto the card at the time of order. I will earn a few dollars if you use my referral link, and appreciate your support of the blog!

Gift Card Alert – Kroger Offering 4x Points Again – Save $2 per Gallon of Gasoline (up to $70)

I flipped through last night’s grocery store ads, and was glad to see the return of Kroger’s 4x rewards points offer (valid between today and September 11, 2012).

A $500 purchase of merchant gift cards (excluding Korger family store gift cards, prepaid or reloadable credit cards, or iTunes variable load card) will net you 2,000 rewards points, which can turn into $70 savings (14% rebate) at the gas pump ($2 off per gallon, up to 35 gallons per fill-up). You can park two cars on two sides of the pump and fill both cars up with one hose in one transaction.

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