Sign Up for a Free USAA Membership to Save on Car Rentals (and Underage Fees)

Until about two weeks ago, I had been watching rental car prices for an upcoming two-day trip during Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, my usually trusty Hertz was not giving me the bargains I’d normally get; instead it was telling me that I had to settle for an all inclusive rate of ~$120 for two days.

A quick look on showed me that Budget was offering an all-in rate of ~$80; a quick Google search for Budget coupons led me to a random working discount code marked for “25% off.” I had no idea what that coupon was for, but it gave me an all-in rate of $42.22 (base rate of $12/day)! I could also cancel the booking any time, should Hertz decide to redeem itself.

The Budget confirmation email came, and I realized that the discount code was for USAA members. I have never rented a car from Budget before; do I have to show proof of a USAA membership? Instead of letting myself feel a bit uneasy and hoping for the best, I went on the official USAA website. The short and quick conclusion is that you DON’T have to be associated with the military to become a USAA member. Getting a membership can be done online for free in just a few minutes!

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How Do I Book a Cheap Rental Car?

One of the most frequently asked reader questions is “How do you get a rental car for $10 a day?” If you guess “Priceline” or “Hotwire”, my answer may surprise you. I normally book our car rentals directly with Hertz, one of the leading car rental brands and generally considered the most expensive.

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