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My Guest Post on UsingMiles – Getting the Most Mileage out of Your Miles

Check out my guest post “Getting the Most Mileage out of Your Miles” published on the UsingMiles blog today. The post contains a table summarizing the best redemption values offered by the four major US-based airlines for international travel. If you are a newcomer to the miles & points world, this could be helpful to you in setting a travel goal and focusing your efforts on achieving that goal efficiently. For our advanced readers, this could be a good reference tool for future trip planning.

Again, the generous FREE LIFETIME premier membership (normally $29.99/year) offered by UsingMiles to all TravelByPoints readers is still available, and you can learn more about it in this post or sign up here.

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How to Get Started

Thank you for stopping by! Before you dig in, you might want to read my very first blog post published on 03/12/12.

Here is a quick index of the “How to Get Started” series:

Miles & Points 101

  1. Things to Think about Before You Start [3/13/2012]
  2. What Is a Mile or Point Worth? [3/14/2012]
  3. Is Your Credit Going to Take a Hit? [3/15/2012]
  4. What Credit Card(s) Should You Get? [3/17/2012]
  5. How Do You Keep Track of Everything? [3/19/2012]
  6. What Else Can You Do to Increase Your Mile & Point Balance? [3/21/2012]

Miles  & Points 201

  1. Should I Cancel That Credit Card? [7/18/2012]
  2. When Do My Miles & Points Expire? [8/4/2012]
  3. What Fees Do I Have to Pay When Making Award Bookings? [12/21/2012]

As we travel along the path of getting more miles and points, we will update this page accordingly with future series and posts relevant for beginners. Meanwhile, feel free to use the search tool and the categories in the sidebar to look for information. I have also added a few index pages to facilitate your navigation.

Below is a list of the follow-up posts that might help you get started:

  1. What Credit Cards Might Help You Maximize Return on Your Everyday Spending? [added April 18, 2012]
  2. A New Way of Valuing Your Airline Miles [added April 28, 2012]
  3. How to Earn 5% Cash Back (or 5x Points) on Everything [added May 1, 2012]
  4. Chase Ink Card – Your “Secret Weapon” to Earning 5%/5x [added May 2, 2012]
  5. More Things to Consider While Buying Gift Cards with Chase Ink [added May 7, 2012]
  6. “What’s in My Wallet?” – An Answer in a Graphic [added August 16, 2012]
  7. Use Charles Schwab Bank ATM VISA Debit Card to Access Cash Free Anywhere in the World [added August 21, 2012]
  8. How Much Do You Get Charged by Rental Car Companies for Earning Miles & Points? [added August 28, 2012]
  9. Getting the Best Redemption Values out of Your Airline Miles [added August 30, 2012]
  10. Bugeting for Your Next Big Dream Vacation [added September 26, 2012]
  11. Putting Your Non-Bonus Category Spend on Club Carlson Premier Visa [added February 18, 2013]



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