Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #22

Happy Friday! Welcome back to our weekly feature – Foto Friday – Where, When, Why (“FFWWW”)!

FFWWW is a forum for all of us to share our favorite travel photos and the stories behind them. As many of you may know, TravelWhimsy and I recently spent 3 fun winter days in Paris. Today, I am excited to share my favorite photo from this trip – a picture taken by TravelWhimsy of the Garden at the Palace of Versailles. The reason why this photo means a lot to me might surprise you…

Palace of Versailles, France
TravelByPoints Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #22 (Beautiful Garden at the Palace of Versailles in the Winter)
  • Where: Garden of the Palace of Versailles, France
  • When:  February 2013
  • Why: On the day we visited Versailles, the crowd inside the Palace might have gotten to me, and I remember being a little grumpy throughout the whole visit. Despite the unusually glorious weather in the middle of February, I kept nagging TravelWhimsy – “Do we have to walk all that way to Marie Antoinette’s Farm?” “Why are you taking so many pictures?” “This is not that interesting. They covered all the statues.” “Com’on, let’s hurry and go back to Paris!” Fortunately, the Mrs. just ignored me and my negativity, and kept on going. After we got back to Vegas, I finally had a chance to review all the pictures TravelWhimsy had taken. I was a bit startled when I saw this picture – the moment it captured was so beautiful; yet I managed to have totally missed it! I wish I could haven taken all of it in with my own two eyes, but I am no longer there. This picture will always have a special place in my heart, reminding me that I should never again let anything or anyone get in the way of me truly appreciating every moment of my life.

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  • M2maverick

    Completely relate – and what a wonderful lesson. Unfortunately for me, I let my husband grate on me and we’ll usually end a trip poorly because I can’t stand his bored griping. Trips have ended poorly because I just wanted peace, and now I DEEPLY regret it. You are lucky your wife is so understanding. Good for you to see a lesson in it!

    • M2maverick, thanks very much for reading and for sharing your personal story! Fortunately (and hopefully), these trips were not our last, so we can truly enjoy future trips to the fullest.

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