Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #20

Happy Friday! Welcome back to our weekly feature – Foto Friday – Where, When, Why (“FFWWW”)!

FFWWW is a forum for all of us to share our favorite travel photos and the stories behind them. Today, TravelWhimsy and I would like to share a photo taken in Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, which shows what life-long love might look like.

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico
TravelByPoints Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #20 (Our Lovely Hosts from the Other Las Vegas in New Mexico)
  • Where: Taos Pueblo, New Mexico
  • When: April 2011
  • Why:  In celebration of the Month of Love, we bring you one of our favorite snapshots of a couple who epitomize the spirit of love in all its wondrous stages. We had the good fortune to spend a few days exploring the hidden treasures of New Mexico with this dear couple, who opened up not only their home but also their hearts to us. As we pushed ourselves to keep up with their pace and energy throughout the weekend, we were reminded that the true secret to health and longevity is not simply diet and exercise, but also cultivating a heart that is always brimming with love.

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  • Sandra

    Seeing is inspiring.  The more we travel, the more wide open our heart, our mind, and our soul..

    Pico Iyer said, “we travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves.
    We travel to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than our
    newspapers will accommodate.”

  • Thank you for those very special thoughts you expressed about us….we try not to think about the wasted years that we spent apart….the all important thing is that we are now together for eternity, Chris and judi

  • Don’t you think we look like the best couple on the floor???