Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #18

Happy Friday (and Happy February)! Welcome back to our weekly feature – Foto Friday – Where, When, Why (“FFWWW”)!

FFWWW is a forum for all of us to share our favorite travel photos and the stories behind them. Today, we are excited and honored to share a guest submission from one of our long-time readers, Ann B., on a trip that got her started on her love of travel.

Columbia River Gorge Area, Oregon
TravelByPoints Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #18 (Reader Ann B., Columbia River Gorge Area, Oregon)
  • Where: Columbia River Gorge Area, Oregon
  • When: September 2009
  • Why:  Ann B. writes,”There are certain places that occupy a special place in your memory not because of their exotic destination, but because they represent a first. This picture was taken a few years ago when my daughter dragged me on a 3-day weekend trip to Portland Oregon with her and her husband. I normally don’t travel much except for the occasional trip overseas to visit relatives and certainly not domestically within the United States. This trip was the first that piqued my interest in travel as a pastime, not just to get from point A to point B or to accomplish a task. Even though the weather was not ideal (it rained on and off throughout the entire weekend), we saw and experienced so many different beautiful places that I became a convert to the joys of travel. It also taught me that we needn’t wait for the perfect conditions to plan that epic trip, because even in the rain we had a marvelous time.”

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  • Amelia

    Sweet!   I love Oregon too, such a beautiful state, so much to see