Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #17

Happy Friday! Welcome back to our weekly feature – Foto Friday – Where, When, Why (“FFWWW”)!

FFWWW is a forum for all of us to share our favorite travel photos and the stories behind them. As some of your might know by reading yesterday’s post, TravelWhimsy and I took our moms on a whirlwind trip to Kauai last weekend. Here is a photo of the two moms enjoying their beach time.

St. Regis Princeville, Kauai, HI
TravelByPoints Foto Friday – Where, When, Why #17 (Our Moms in Kauai, HI)
  • Where: Kauai, HI (St. Regis Princeville)
  • When: January 2013
  • Why: Travelwhimsy writes, “Front row seats to one of the most spectacular ocean views on the planet. This past weekend we had the great pleasure of taking our moms on a spur of the moment trip to the beautiful island of Kauai. It took a total of 8 hours of travel time each way (7 hours flying and 1 hour transit) to reach a destination where we would have only 2.5 days to explore. Was it worth it?  If pictures could speak, this one would sum it up in one word – absolutely!”

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  • Ginger

    Amazing view! I can see the reflection on the glass table, good picture.

  • Millie

    what wonderful kids you are to your moms – they’re so lucky to have you and i’m sure this was a very special trip for them.  wishing you all the best in 2013.  good things come to people who are good to their mothers 🙂