1,000 Free Priority Club Points + Possible Official 80,000 Points Sign-up Bonus Offer for Priority Club Select Visa Card (The Most Underrated Hotel Card You Should Never Cancel!)

Are you familiar with Priority Club PointBreaks? Every two months or so, InterContinental Hotels Group (“IHG”) releases a list of hotels bookable for only 5,000 points a night. Prority Club points can be “purchased” for 0.7 cent a piece, so PointBreaks hotels essentially cost $35 net a night (no taxes or fees charged for award nights). Upscale brand InterContinental and mid-scale brands Crowne Plaza and Hotel Indigo are often included in the sale.

TravelWhimsy and I took advantage of the last PointBreaks sale and stayed at the newly renovated Hotel Indigo San Diego Del Mar while beach hopping in sunny San Diego. As platinum members (top-tier elite status is now a standard benefit for Priority Club Select Visa cardholders), we were upgraded to an ocean-view studio suite. Instead of reviewing the hotel, I am going to tell you

  • how you can get 1,000 free Priority Club points;
  • how you may get the official 80,000bonus-point offer for signing up for the Priority Club Select Visa card (current public Chase offer requires $1,000 in initial spend for 60,000 points) ;
  • and why this is one credit card you should never cancel.


Get 1,000 Priority Club Points by Watching a 90-second Video

I was given a promotion code when checking into the Hotel Indigo Del Mar. This code gives you 1,000 points for watching a 90-second video. Visit www.priorityclub.com/visa1000 and enter code SANDMCJF01 and your Priority Club membership information.

Get 80,000 Bonus Points by Signing up for the Priority Club Select Visa Card

I have mentioned an unofficial card application link to get you 80,000 bonus points, but you might see an official offer after you finish watching that 90-second video. You will need to make one purchase to earn the bonus points (first-year fee is waived). Again, make sure you understand how credit works before jumping into any credit card deals.

You Should NOT Cancel That Priority Club Select Visa Card

This is one of the few cards you should not cancel when the $49 annual fee is due, and here is a list of my top reasons.

1. Annual free night anywhere in the world with no restrictions – you could stay at places like the InterContinental Rome or Bora Bora.
2. 10% points rebate on award night redemption – you could even get 500 points back for a PointBreaks hotel night.
3. No foreign transaction fees.
4. Top-tier platinum elite status for as long as you have the card – no free breakfast or internet at locations that charge for them, but occasional free upgrades are not a bad thing. Plus, you can use that status to ask other hotel chains for a match or challenge.

If you think like me, $49 is a very reasonable price to pay for a night at a 5-star hotel in a top destination around the world. If you ever find yourself paying cash for a stay with IHG hotels, make sure you head over to Priority Club Insider and register for all current promotions (all those different bonus points are stackable!).

Did I miss any important aspects of the Priority Club Rewards program, PointBreaks, or the Priority Club Select Visa card? What are your favorite IHG hotels?

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  • Tomsffstuff

    It offered me the 80,000 point VISA app.  Too bad I already have the card, this is a great deal if you dont have one already.

  • Kevin G

    how long does it take to post the 1,000 points?

  • Scottewells

    I tried this morning and got this error, which I almost always get on their site……………
    We are sorry, our system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

  • Good review! I just got the 80,000 point card and am glad to see I made a wise choice! My target is the Thalasso in Bora Bora next Christmas 🙂

  • NotMyVacationPictures.com

    For the “important aspects of PC Rewards” column — if you book a rewards night and then have to cancel, the points flow easily and quickly back to your account. Sandy changed my plans.  No problem.  No phone calls.  No need to cry about a hurricane.  No touch.  No Foul.  No penalty.

  • Steve K

    Your outstanding description finally convinced me to get this card!

    I had been reluctant for several reasons:

    1) I already have many cards with Chase, and would not want to get this one at the expense of another that later may appear.

    2) My experience with IHG has been generally negative.  Uninformed
    agents, and reluctance to give anything on account of
    Platinum/Ambassador status.  To name two examples, in the UK at the
    Heathrow Crowne Plaza, I very politely asked for an upgrade and was
    given a flat no.  After wasting at least 15 minutes they painfully
    me to a tiny room on the Executive Floor (where there were smoking and
    non-smoking rooms, so the smoke naturally diffused under the doors
    through all rooms (ugh!)  In the second case, in a paid stay at the
    Miami Intercontinental, they did
    not want to upgrade me to the executive floor, as it would be “two
    upgrades.”  Despite the fact that the price difference was less than
    $40, the dialog went something like this: Hotel employee A: “he wants an
    upgrade all the way to the executive level!” Employee B: “and he does
    not want to pay for this upgrade?”  Employee A: “no, he just wants it
    because he asked for it!”  Needless to say, my friend and I were
    standing right there just looking at each other and glaring at the
    employees.  In the end we got the upgrade, but I think it came out of
    the joint account of those two employees!  (My goal is to carelessly
    enjoy fine rooms on fine properties with my points, and on these and other IHG stays that has not been the case.)

    3) Little worth for the points, unless they are the fabulous PointBreaks.

    But, you make a series of sensible arguments, so I watched the video.  A
    surprisingly good ad!  And thanks for those extra 1,000 points!

    I got the 80K offer after the first purchase, applied, and was approved.

    I think the picture of the bird was the clincher!  A great pic!  How
    about this caption: “Ahhh, finally alone!  It was worth flying those 3,500
    miles!  Oh great, here come people….”

    Again, many thanks!

    Steve K

    • Steve K, thanks for sharing your IHG experiences and congrats on getting the new card approved. Upgrades usually only happen within the US (at least for me). We stayed at the airport Holiday Inn in Santiago, Chile, and I was not even acknowledged as a platinum member. So, now I just go to those IHG properties with absolutely zero expectation :D!

      • Steve K

        Yes, I will visit IHG properties again, with zero expectations, and if something good happens then all the better!

        Thanks again for the great post and advice!

  • Mike

    Thanks for the review. The promo has changed to 60k points instead of 80k. How often does this come around?

    • Mike, when you go to the first landing page, the text says 60,000 bonus points, but if you log in and watch the video, you should be able to see the 80,000-point offer. I am not sure how often this comes around, but you could always try the unofficial link in the FlyerTalk forum if you don’t see the improved offer popping up at the end of the video. Good luck!

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  • Steve Smtih

    No more doing business with IHG or Chase for me. I got the card,
    spent the required money but no increase in my level (still at the lowest CLUB
    level) and no bonus points. I called Chase and Chase says call IHG.
    OK-so I email IHG and finally got a reply–IHG says call Chase. One big
    circle. Is it really worth the hassle ? I should say that I
    have taken advantage of programs offered by Citibank and those worked out
    exactly as advertised. I am sticking with Hilton and Starwood.