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  • Tammi

    Good article, very informative and thorough.  Thanks!!

  • Jettyboy

    Very cool. Thanks!

  • Peter

    Wow, super nice post and summary.

    Thanks so much!!!

    • You are very welcome, Peter. Glad you found it helpful. Thanks for your continued support of our blogs!

  • Toddreg

    What I am already registered at UsingMiles, how can I upgrade to the free premium account?

    • Toddreg, I am not sure how that works. Check with UsingMiles about upgrading your account. Good luck!

    • R Harris

      Hi Toddreg,

      Try upgrading to premium for free with the promo code: TBP

      If there is an issue, please let me know.

      Russ H

  • Se473843

    By allowing the site access to my account numbers and passwords, isnt there a chance that my miles and points can suddenly disappear due to fraud?

    • Guest

      Follow the link – there’s a button for signing in to upgrade your account.

    • Se473843, security is always a top concern. Check out UsingMiles’ FAQs for more info on how your information is stored.

    • Hello, I’m the founder of UsingMiles. I just wanted to provide a bit of information regarding security, because it is a #1 priority for us. We use 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the same security that banks use. All data is protected and validated by VeriSign. We follow industry-standard best-practices including PKI infrastructure to secure all account information inside the database. The people that built UM come from a mobile payments background, so we are extremely sensitive to the information contained within our site. We have many internal controls in terms of who and how people can get access servers and data, and have passed a security audit with one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Please email us at support@usingmiles.com with any other questions! 

      – Krista

      • RedHat

        @Krista, the security audit, I’d like to assume this would include the dba’s which to me is the most powerful user/admin.

        On different topic, let say if I have to manage a family’s accounts where each individual has several programs. Is there anyway the dashboard can be filtered for each individual?

        • Redhat, yes it did include the dba’s. Everyone and everything was reviewed around polilcies and practices and we successfully completed the audit.

          There is no way to filter family members at the moment but it is coming soon! We have a bunch of features and functionality around the family dashboard that are being prioritized by our dev team. Please send any other ideas to support@usingmiles:disqus 
          .com. Thanks for your comments!

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    Maybe in time i will sign up and into into one of your promotion’s,but for now thank’s.

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  • americantaitai

    Brilliant post and chart, Jimmy! Thanks for helping all your readers organize our points and miles!

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