Earn 1,000 Free United Mileage Plus Miles for You and Your Family Members in Under 5 Minutes

Follow the following 9 EASY steps, and you and your family members can EACH be 1,000 United Mileage Plus miles richer in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Go to www.thanksagain.com/united; (Alternatively, go to united.com, follow MileagePlus-Earn Award Miles-Gifts, flowers, wine, daily deals, and more-Thanks Again)
  2. Sign up for a new account (Tip: use a different email address if you already have an account – add a dot in your gmail email address creates a new address and gmail will still deliver the mail to you);
  3. Log into your new ThanksAgain account;
  4. Click on “My Account;”
  5. Right above the green “SUBMIT” button, you should see “Click Here to Join Thanks Again Offers” and click it;
  6. On the next page, click on “Earn 1,000 Bonus Miles;”
  7. Enter your mobile phone number and a real (NO prepaid) VISA card number (Tip: Google Voice numbers do NOT work, so you have to use your real cell phone number);
  8. Once you submit your info, you will receive a text message on your phone. Enter that unique 3-digit code on the confirmation page.
  9. You are done, and should see this message “Success! You are now enrolled in Thanks Again Offers. Thank you for joining.”

[Update (7/25/2012): Thanks to a comment from our reader Jasmine, at step 8, make sure you check the boxes on the Visa mobile phone enrollment page when entering your 3-digit code to avoid getting an error message. She also said that using the same cell phone number for multiple accounts worked for her!]

Miles should post to your Thanks Again account within 4-6 weeks and your United Mileage Plus account within 6-8 weeks. Offer expires September 30, 2012.

Let me know what you think! I respond to all comments.

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  • PeggyL135

    Got the “Success” message, but I’m unable to get anywhere after clicking on getting the 1000 bonus miles. I get an “Ooops” message saying I don’t appear to be a member or I’m not logged in. I repeatedly kept logging on but no luck.

    • PeggyL135, were you able to enter your cell phone number and VISA card number? It sounds like you need to log into the Thanks Again account (not United account). When you go to the Thanks Again website, make sure you click on “Member Login” before trying to access the 1,000 Bonus Mile offer. Hope this helps.

      • PeggyL135

        I did enter my phone and credit card number, and I was on the “Welcome Peggy” page when I clicked for the miles. I never logged into United. I’ve now emailed Thanks Again Customer Service for help. Thanks.

  • Marc

    Hey Jimmy,
    Does this mean that if I use a new email address I can get 1,000 miles for each email address? So in theory, if I have 5 email addresses I can earn 5,000 miles?

    • Marc, unfortunately, no. The Thanks Again program is offered through a few airlines. You can set up different accounts with different airlines’ membership numbers, but each frequent flier membership number is unique.

  • Nguyen

    Hi Jimmy,

    When I am in the process of creating a new thanksagain account, it asks for a credit card and email.  Are these the same as the ones that registered for the 1000 miles bonus?  Thanks

    • Hi Nguyen, yes, you can use that same card you register with Thanks Again for the VISA/text screen registration.

  • MG

    Thanks! Wonder how long it will take to post? Trying to save my miles from expiring at the end of Sept. 🙂

    • MG, if you want to make sure that your miles don’t expire, check out the united.com “earn award miles” page for some other easy ways to earn miles. Do you have a United credit card, or participate in United dining?

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  • Jakegutman

    Getting an error message saying something went wrong when I submit on the Visa site. I have signed up for offers through United before on the same site, think it wount let me me get the bonus through ThanksAgain?

    • Jakegutman, I have gotten 500 United miles via the VISA mobile site before, too, and had no issue signing up again via ThanksAgain. Maybe try again via a different browser or Google Chrome incognito? Good luck!

      • Jakegutman

        Must have been some temp error. Worked now! Thanks so much for the help!

  • When I entire my mobile confirmation code, I’m getting a message that says Something’s not working with the information you’ve provided. Please verify and try again.. I’ve tried resending, and I get the same code with the same results. Thoughts?

    • I am sorry to hear the trouble you experienced, juliabloch. If it keeps happening, maybe you can contact ThanksAgain to see if anything can be done to help you out? Not sure how helpful that can be, as I have never contacted its customer service.

    • juliabloch, according to our reader Jasmine, you have to check the boxes after entering your 3-digit code. Hope this helps.

  • best_daddy

    hi Jimmy,

    I understand each FF # can only get 1000 miles once, but how about credit card # and cell phone #? I have 7 family members’ FF #’s, do you know if I can use the same cell phone # and/or credit card #? 



    • best_daddy, I only tried this with different cell phone numbers for different family members, so I don’t know if the same cell number would work or not. But I do believe that you need 7 different credit card numbers for the 7 ThanksAgain accounts. Try it out and let us know the results of your experiment. Thanks!

    • best_daddy, our reader Jasmine just wrote in and confirmed that you could use the same cell phone number for different accounts. Hope this helps.

  • MusicFix

    Totally worked for me, thanks so much…you instructions were very clear and concise, you are appreciated! 

  • Esa

    Well, I guess I’m the last person in the world (other than some others I know locally) who don’t have a cell phone because reception is so horrible out where we live.  Is there any way to do this without having a working cell phone number?

    • Oh, I am sorry to hear that Esa. Unfortunately, I believe you have to have a cell phone number for this promotion to work… But check out the United’s “Earn Award Miles” page for other easy ways to earn free miles (there should be one promo for 750 miles if you have not registered for that offer before).

  • Guest1

    Tried about 10 times, but it always refuses to accept the confirmation code my cellphone received (at 10c each). Wasted a buck and 20 minutes of my life. A lesson learned.

    BTW, it’s a rather shoddy interface. For one thing, there is no button in to remove a registered credit card. I hope their business tactic is better than their web design.

    • I am very sorry to hear that, Guest1! The credit card in the ThanksAgain account is to track your spending on that card so you will get miles for your purchases. Check out United’s “Earn Award Miles” page for other ways for earning some free miles. Have a nice weekend!

    • Rayg

      Exact same thing happened to me.  I get the feeling this is they way they gather information on us (including credit card numbers) without actually giving out miles.  Good deal for them.  Lousy deal for us. 

      • Sorry to hear that it did not work for you, Rayg. You can contact ThanksAgain customer service if you want to.

      • Rayg, our reader Jasmine just wrote in and said that when entering the 3-digit code, you have to check the box that says “receive mobile offers” to avoid getting the error message. Hope this helps.

    • Guest1, our reader Jasmine just wrote in and said that when entering the 3-digit code, you have to check the box that says “receive mobile offers” to avoid getting the error message. Hope this helps.

  • Mike21616

    Ok Sucess but I want to cancel it so I don’t pay for more texts and can block texts on my phone again.  Do I have to wait and set amount of time or can I reply to the text with STOP like they said to cancel message right now?

    • Most people wait until they see the miles post to their United account to text “STOP,” but in your case, if you don’t want to pay for more texts, you can just “STOP” the texts now and see what happens. Good luck, Mike21616!

      • Mike21616

        Thank You,  Yah waiting 6-8 weeks like it says for the miles to post to my United account and getting 5 texts per week at 20 cents per text would be $8 minimum to wait so it wouldn’t be worth it if they perhaps sent double the texts.

        • Yes, I agree. Just for your information, though, I have not received any text since I signed up for this offer. I did not receive any text when I signed up for a similar offer via United a few months ago.

  • Glenn

    I keep getting the following message after putting my 3 digit code – This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Any ideas?

    • Glenn, that sounded like a temporary glitch. If you try it again later and it still does not work, you might want to contact ThanksAgain for a possible solution. Good luck!

    • Rayg

      I’ve tried a dozen times, and the exact same thing happens to me.

      • Rayg, see the latest comment from Jakegutman. He tried again and it worked. Could have been a temporary glitch.

  • Kara

    Thanks for you help! I cant wait to see the points on my account!

  • Brandon

    The website doesn’t say anything about 1,000 free points. Does that matter?

    • Brandon, I just checked the site leading to the Visa text message enrollment page. It does say 1,000 miles. Were you able to confirm your enrollment by entering your cell number and credit card number?

  • jasmine

    Thanks Jimmy, it worked for me.  I kept getting the same error code as some when I put the 3 digit code in but then when I went back and checked the box to receive offers from Visa it went through.  FYI, I signed up for my husband too and used a different email address but the same cell phone and it worked.

    • Thanks, jasmine, for the tip! I have updated the post with your input, which will certainly help others trying to sign up for the offer. Have a nice day.

  • Andrew Lark

    I signed up for Thanksagain on 7/20 and received the 1,000 points in my thanksagain account on 8/22.  I’m still waiting for the points to hit my United account…it has almost been 8 weeks, so hopefully soon.  Do I need to do anything to make sure they hit my United account?  thanks

    • Andrew, I am not sure. If you find out more from Thanks Again, please share your experience here with us. Thanks!

    • Andrew, I just received an email response from Thanks Again Customer Service confirming that the 1,000 United miles would be posted at the end of the month (my Thanks Again activity shows that the miles/points were earned on August 22 as well).

      • Bazose

        I’m in the same place. (Miles posted to ThanksAgain 8/22, haven’t posted to United yet.) Have yours gone through, or do you think it’s better to check back at the beginning of November?

        • Bazose, I’d just wait till November to see if the miles post to your United account. If not, then email Thanks Again customer service, which is quite responsive.