Get up to 54,500 Club Carlson Gold Points (up to 6 Free Nights) after a One-night Stay! (Now, 142,500 Points for Almost 16 Free Nights after 3 Stays)

I tweeted on Saturday about the possibly of the return of last November’s “Radisson Big Night Giveaway” promotion (thanks to this flyertalk thread).

The rumor seems to have been confirmed. You can follow the steps in the map below to participate.

Click on the map above to join Club Carlson for the 4,500 bonus points, or follow this link (hat tip to Frugal Travel Guy & The Points Guy).

[Update: 7:50pm PST, 05/07/2012: keep reading to learn how to earn up to 142,500 in this promotion, almost 16 free nights!]

According to comment #40 in the same flyertalk thread, there are three different versions of the giveaways. [Note: not all links below are currently working, but they should all start working at 12am CST on 05/15/2012 at the latest.]

  1. (1 stay at Radisson = 50,000 points)
  2. (1 stay at Country Inn & Suites = 44,000 points)
  3. (1 stay at Park Inn/Plaza = 44,000 points) [update: only about 10 Park Inns/Plaza in the US & 2 in Canada]

A few more key points about Club Carlson and this promotion:

  1. Hotel Directory: Here is a link to the list of all Club Carlson hotels, so you can plan your stay and how and where to redeem those bonus points.
  2. Award Chart: Redemption for free nights starts at 9,000 points (e.g. Radisson Orlando – International Drive at Disney World). You can use your bonus points for hotels in expensive European cities. You can also use Points + Cash to book your stays.
  3. Multiple Promotions: I am not sure whether you can participate in only one of the three promotions, or all of them. Make sure you register for all of them just in case. [update: per Mommy Points’ latest post, you CAN participate in ALL 3 promotions!]
  4. Trip Ideas: Many of you might not have access to a Club Carlson hotel near your home. If you don’t have any vacation plans between 05/15/12 and 07/15/12 to take you to a participating hotel either, you might want to plan a road trip like we did last November (we don’t have any Club Carlson hotels here in Vegas).
  5. Valuation of Club Carlson Gold Points: You can purchase up to 40,000 points per year at the cost of $280 (0.7 cent/point). However, this coming Thursday, you can buy up to 300,000 points at 50% off (~0.35 cent/point) during the Daily Getaways 2012 week 5 sale I wrote about. So, 50,000 points are worth at least $175 to you.
  6. Transfer to Airline Miles: 20 Airlines with 3 transfer block options ONLY – 50,000 points = 8,000 miles (6.25 to 1), or 100,000 points = 18,000 miles (5.56 to 1), or 2,000 points = 250 miles (8 to 1). This is NOT a good use of your points, unless you have no choice and have only paid $80 or less for that one night (buying miles for 1 penny or less, assuming you convert 50,000 points to 8,000 miles).

Have fun exploring your options!

[Update (1:30pm PST, 05/21/2012): Mommy Points just pointed out that the Park Inn registration opens at 3pm PST today. Read Deals We Like’s excellent FAQs post on this promotion.]

Let me know what you think! I respond to all comments.

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  • Wany May

    Nice chart! However, add one sentence with links to promote readers to signup with the erewards promo for the 4,500 pts. It is hard for the reader to notice that they can click the chart to join club carlson with 4,500 bonus.

  • What if you already belong to Club Carlson?

    • Then you can’t get that 4,500 bonus points. However, you could sign your family members up if you want to maximize your participation. Last November, we went on our road trip with my in-laws and each received the 50,000 bonus points.

      • Thanks Jimmy, that was really fast! Hope I can get in on this.

        • Last year’s promotion (open to US Radisson hotels only) almost never ran out of spots, but given the publicity and the fact that it is available worldwide this year, it might be a lot more competitive. Good luck!

  • Rak Siam

    trying to join ClubCarlson to get the bonus points but I keep getting an error message telling me to try again

    • Hi Rak Siam, I just tried creating a new account for my brother-in-law, and the registration went through without a hitch. I used Google Chrome. Maybe try again using a different browser? Good luck!

  • av137

    Hmm ~140.00 for almost enough points for two nights at a Radisson Blu (~$450.00) yes please!  Thanks!

    • Good luck finding a cheap place (or 3 maybe?) to score the bonus points!

      • av137

         i found two places in LA already (well technically 909 county) =) One Radison & one Country Inn.

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  • Pjsalt

    Question: I already have a reservation for an upcoming Radisson hotel stay, (not pre-paid, only reserved.) If I sign up for the 1 night stay =points promotion, will my previously made reservation qualify or do only reservations/stays made after the promotion registration qualify? Please help me anyone if you know the answer to this!!

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  • Marc

    Hey Jimmy,

    I have 2 questions regarding this promo:

    1) How long does it take for the 4500 points to be reflected in your account? I just registered through your link but it says I have 0 points as of now.

    2) For the big night giveaway, does it have to be a fully paid stay to get the 50,000 bonus points or could it be acomplished via cash + points?

    As always, thanks Jimmy for the great posts.

    • Hey Marc,

      (1) The official T&C says 6-8 weeks after registration. If you don’t see the points deposited within that time frame, call 1 (888) 288-8889 or email –

      (2) According to some who participated in last November’s promo, cash+points counted, but nothing has been confirmed for this year’s promotion. People have asked that question on Radisson’s Facebook page, but Radisson reps are not willing to confirm it. As soon as I know, I will update the post and share it in the comment section.

  • seattlewanderer

    Do you know if there is any special expiry date of the $50K bonus points i.e. do they need to be used within specific time frame or will they remain in my account as long as i want (i.e. as long as i make sure my account doesn’t get deactivated).

    • No special expiry date. Points expire after 24 months of inactivity, but they remain active as long as you earn or redeem points.

  • A silly question. Say if I book a room for me and my parents in one room and register three accounts for this promotion, will we get a hopping 3 X 50,000 pts for one stay? or the 50,000 pts is only good for one of us? I do have a planned trip in the promotion period.

    • Wany May, you have to book 2 more rooms for your parents, too, if you want 3 times the points. We did that for my in-laws last November.

  • ThunderStorm

    Can you stay at any Carlson owned property or do you have to stay at the specific chain (i.e. Radisson, Country Inn, Park Inn) who’s promotion you signed up for??  You didn’t specify… Thanks.

    • Thunderstorm, you stay at each chain you register for to get the bonus points. Good luck!

  • Mikeheffner

    Is there a better way to find a specific Radisson rate by date outside of checking every single date of the promotion?  I’d love a calendar view, like air provides usually.

    • Mike, I don’t think the Club Carlson’s website does that, but try Travelocity for the specific hotel you are looking at. It does have a calendar rate view.

      By the way, if you have 5,000 points in your account already, try cash+points rates. These seem to count as well. Double check Radisson’s Facebook thread.

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