Chase Ink Card – Your “Secret Weapon” to Earning 5% or 5x for Everyday Spending

**Giveaway of two invitation codes for Chase Ink – bonus points after first purchase with no minimum spend required!**

To get that 5% cash back or 5x Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points I talked about yesterday, you need a Chase Ink card (Bold for $95, or Classic/Cash for free). If you opt for the free Ink card, you will ALSO need to have a Chase Sapphire Preferred card in order to turn those points into free travel.


Because you can’t transfer your UR points to airline miles or hotel points without a fee-paying card. Once you have a fee-paying premium Chase card, you can transfer UR points freely from your and your household members’ fee-free accounts to that premium account, before the external transfer to airlines and hotels.

Chase Ink card gives you 5x points for purchases made in office supply stores, but it is a business credit card. Many of you ask “can I still get a business credit card if I don’t have a business?” The answer is yes!

The key to getting a business account approved by Chase is having good credit and stable income from your day job. The business can be your hobby (selling things on eBay), and the name of your business can be your name. You don’t have to make any money from your business to qualify for a business card. The “main reason” you would like to open a business account is “to keep all your business-related expenses separate” (when you get asked that question). Almost no one gets instant approval for a business credit card application, so call Chase business lending credit analyst at 1-800-453-9719 after submitting your online application.

TravelWhimsy and I applied for the fee-free Ink cards about a week ago, and just received them last night (both are MasterCard). We are going to Office Depot tonight to buy a couple of $500 gift cards to pay our upcoming auto insurance bill (I called to ask about possibility of using two cards for the payment, and was told yes). Here is a picture of our two new Ink cards and the Visa gift card I bought from a grocery store (using Chase Freedom).

We applied for the fee-free Ink cards, because we received multiple offers in the mail promising large bonus points after first purchase (the best publicly available offers require $5,000 spend in 3 months for 25,000 points for the fee-free Ink, or $10,000 for 50,000 points for Ink Bold).

In fact, I have two more invitation codes I did not use, and will be giving them away to our readers. Here are the two offers I still have. Please leave a comment below with your preference, and I will randomly pick two readers next Monday (May 7, 2012).

  1. Chase Ink Bold – 50,000 UR points after first purchase, no fee first year (5x bonus spending limited to $50,000 a year);
  2. Chase Ink Classic – 25,000 UR points after first purchase, no fee (5x bonus spending limited to $25,000 a year).

Lastly, a few more things to consider when using gift cards you purchase from Office Depot (in addition to what I mentioned in the last post):

  1. Rental car: don’t use the prepaid gift card, as it does not provide any coverage.
  2. Foreign transactions: use the Sapphire Preferred, Hyatt, or any other cards that don’t charge you foreign transaction fees.
  3. Returns: if you think you might return something in the future, be careful not to discard a prepaid gift card.
  4. Promotional bonus categories: I mentioned this yesterday, but again, use your Freedom for 5x grocery or movies this quarter (and any other future bonus categories) and Ink for 5x office supplies, telecom services.

Additional reading:

  1. How to sign up for Ink by the Frequent Miler;
  2. How to fill out a business card application by Million Mile Secrets;
  3. How to lead a credit card reconsideration phone call by Million Mile Secrets.

Let me know what you think! I respond to all comments.

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  • Bonniejanowiak18

    I would be interested in either, but of course the chase ink with 50,000 points sounds best! 

  • oneeyejack

    chase ink bold please.  thanks for giving these away!

  • Ralph L

    Chase Ink Bold por favor!

  • Hthoang

    I would like the ink bold also, thanks for all the great tips.

  • Reaper99999

    chask ink bold please. thanks a lot!

  • Great findings. I do not need any of the code.
    Also, sometimes (very rare, about once every 4-6 months, or holiday seasons), office supply stores may have some rebate offers on those VISA/MasterCard/Amex gift cards. It is usually something like buy $200 gift card and get a rebate of $10-20 or buy $100 gift card and get a $5-10 gift card. Limit is usually one.
    It is a very small amount, but something is always better than nothing.

    • Thanks, Wany May, for sharing this. Yes, every bit helps! I will be sure to report such offers if I see them when visiting Office Depot.

  • B-Rad

    Hi Jimmy, love your blog and I really liked reading the interview you gave at Million Mile Secrets recently. I would love the Ink Bold invitation code, but would be just as happy with the Ink Classic code if that was all that was available! Thanks so much for your generosity with this giveaway!

  • Garrett

    I’d be very interested in the Ink Bold Card.  If I’m not mistaken, 50,000 in UR points translates to $500 cash, would would be wonderful.  I”ve stayed away from the visa prepaid debit cards before because I’ve heard horror stories about the fees that they charge.  Do you know what kind of fees are involved with the cards from Office Depot?  Also, what is the monthly fee for the Bold card?


    • Garrett, yes, at the minimum, you can redeem the 50,000 points for a $500 check. Or, you could use it to book travel on the Chase UR site for a $625 value. The best would be to transfer the points to United or Hyatt for your award ticket/hotel room.

      The Office Depot prepaid gift cards only have the one-time fees and no other hidden fees (read my previous post for more details on how much the fees are for various gift cards available at Office Depot or grocery stores).

      Chase Ink Bold card’s annual fee is $95. In this post, I’ve laid out the plan for you, if you would like to transfer UR points out to partners for travel award redemption.

  • av137

    Either Or would work please. =)

    • Good luck!

      • av137

        Thanks! BTW if I Just applied/approved for two Chase Personal Cards; (SWARR+/SP) do you know how long I should wait till i apply for the Ink/IB? 

        • When was the last time you applied for the SW and SP? Usually, you can apply for one personal and one business on the same day (the 2nd application you submit online on the same day will not be processed by the system if it is linked to the same SSN, but that is actually the beauty of it because you can call right away to get it approved).

          If you have great credit (750 or above) and a good ongoing relationship with Chase (you use your cards regularly and always pay in full), you should be able to apply for a new card 30 days after that last application. But that is only if you are not new to Chase. New Chase customers are usually advised to apply for new cards every 6 months, to be on the safe/conservative side (there are horror stories of people getting shut down by Chase).

          If you feel that you fit the experienced Chase customer criteria AND you have large outstanding credit limit open with Chase, you should be able to get a new account open by shifting your credit limit around. Good luck!

          • av137

            Thanks for the quick reply. 

            I Did SW 4/11. SP 4/22.SW was instant. SP said it was in process. I called the next day and spoke with someone. She asked If i was calling about the SP and said if I was that was approved already. 

            Before this I’ve had a few chase cards but now Only have one prior to the SW/SP. 

            • Wow, you were brave applying for two cards 11 days apart, but that brings another point I wanted to make. A second Chase application linked to the same SSN made in a 30-day period usually does not get picked up by the system for automatic processing. When you call in, the credit analyst will manually review your application.

              It sounds like you know how to deal with Chase very well. Good job!

              • av137

                Thanks! I guess? haha

                I’ve just never done a business card before … and I really want an Ink for the 5x on cellphone. I can put our company’s 4k/M bill on it. ChaChing! 

                • Ink Bold would be perfect for that $4k spend. Even if you don’t win the code, you should have no problem meeting that $10k spend in the first 3 months, then. You might have to get a 2nd Ink card for your personal expenses.

                  By the way, if you don’t meet the minimum spend, you still receive 25k or 10k bonus points after first purchase for the public Ink Bold or Ink free offers.

                • Wany May

                  If it is your company, you should be very safe to get the ink bold.
                  Even if you were not approved instantly, just call them and tell them that you want ink bold to put 4k/m company’s bill on it. Chase would be very love to have you as their customer. Good Luck

    • av137, you just won the code for Ink Classic. Congrats! Read my latest post for detail.

  • The Chase Ink Bold would be my first choice.

  • Mordysiegel

    I just applied for the Chase Ink Bold. I did not get instant approval. Should I wait for the letter or maybe the card or should I call right away?

    • Hi, Mordysiegel, try calling now. If the system is still processing the application, you will be told so. Otherwise, if the analyst can already manually go in and look at your application, you will be able to have that conversation. Recently, even my mother-in-law (retired) was able to get the Ink card approved (closed a personal account she wanted to close anyways and moved over the credit limit).

  • Ngy

     Hi, a code for the Chase Ink Bold would be great since I was traveling when the last promotion ended and was not able to sign up in time.  Thanks!

  • Singapore Flyer

    Ink Bold would be awesome, but I can use either as I do have the CSP.

  • Babs

    The chase ink bold would be great.  Its tough for the budget conscious traveler to meet those pesky spending requirements. Thanks for this chance.

  • Smay

    This is a great card for points gathering that I’ve wanted to get for awhile.  Thanks for the offers!  Put me in the mix for the raffle for the Ink Bold please!


  • Amodja

    Chase ink bold please .

  • JB Wiggins

    Thanks for the offer, I’ll take the Ink Bold.

  • seattlewanderer

    Would love the code for 50K offer ofcourse! 🙂

  • CR

     I would like the Chase Ink Bold. Thanks for the great article.

  • bitachu

    I would love the ink bold

  • Gvsingh1

    Chase Inkbold please.  Thanks!

  • Dunkmaestro14

    Id love the Ink Bold or Classic card! Got a lot of Office Depot “purchases” to make…

  • Lee

    Thanks so much for the offer…I just got approved in late April 2012 for INK Bold before they lowered the signup bonus.  Do you think Chase will approve me for Ink Classic?  If you think I have a chance, I would love to have the invite code for ” Chase Ink Classic – 25,000 UR points after first purchase, no fee (5x bonus spending limited to $25,000 a year).”  I can’t have 2 Ink Bold, right?  Thanks again!

    • Lee, it is all up to how aggressive you want to be with your Chase applications and how your current relationship with Chase is. Read the comments above with av137 for more data points. No, you can’t have the Ink Bold bonus twice.

      • Lee

        Jimmy – thanks for replying!  I already have 6 Chase cards and I have been with Chase for over 10 years.  I will probably give it a try since I can move credit line from another Chase card.  I have been applying for Chase about every 3-4 months.  My plan is to get the Chase BA and Chase Hyatt later this year or anything good comes up.

        • You are welcome, Lee. Seems like you really know what you are doing already! Have a good weekend.

    • Wany May

      While one can not get the sign-up bonus of the same card for twice, there is still a reason for some one to have two ink bold.
      Remember that the 5X bonus is capped at $50,000 per year. If your spending is much higher than this number, you may consider applying for another ink bold.In another case, if your spending on ink 5X bonus is between $50,000 and $75,000, you may consider to have one ink bold and one ink classic so that you have the 5X bonus cap at $50,000 and $25,000 for a total of $75,000. They are two different (brand) cards, thus one is allowed to get sign-up bonus for both of them.I personally have two Chase freedom cards. One was applied by myself, the other was switched to Freedom from one of their retired brand by Chase. It comes in handy when there is good 5X category going on as I can have two $1,500 limit on 5X category. My case is special, but one may find the point.

      • Good point. Thanks, Wany May. You can also consider getting one for your spouse or significant other to maximize sign-up bonus and increase bonus spend limit.

  • Mulbry

    I was bummed to miss the $5,000/3 month Ink Bold. Would love to get the code for no min. spend Ink Bold. Thanks!

  • Ed

    Wow! Didn’t even know that such a generous Chase Ink Bold offer existed. I’d love a chance at it. Thanks for doing this!

  • Bart

    Would love the Chase Ink Bold without having to meet the minimum spend on the normal offer!

  • Lingandal

    Code for either card please. thank you for all your interesting information.

    • Thank you for your readership. Good luck!

      • grandgung9

        thanks for the reply-how do I get the code? thank you.

  • Jasmine

    I would also love the Ink Bold.  I could never meet the $10,000 spend requirement so the code would be awesome!  Thanks for the great blog Jimmy!  I was reading it a little before the MMS interview but have recently subscribed.  I think that reading both your blog and Daraius’s blog in the perfect combo for getting the information I want/need.

    • Jasmine, I appreciate your readership and kind words. Good luck, and happy Friday!

  • Applepie24

    chase ink bold please.

  • grandgung9

    code for both please. Thank You.

  • Sean

    i hope i wiiiin

    • I hope so, too, Sean.

      • Rendez Drew

        hi jimmy, Ive got a few of their cards and love chase–i have the ink card from a while back but it didnt have the nice 25k miles to sign up–however, it its not too late is it possible to at least ask about the code for the bold card before I try to sign up for it?

        • Hi, Andrew, it does not hurt to ask, but usually Chase would tell you the codes are sent out by the marketing department and it cannot be requested or sent manually.

          If the Ink card you have is the free version, you can definitely apply for the Bold version and still qualify for the bonus after required spend. Good luck!

  • kellylynn1

    Wow, pretty  informative article! I know what my next card is going to be!

    • Thank you, kellylynn1. Have a good weekend.

      • kellylynn1

        You also.  I will be watching for your articles.


  • alohasandiego2003

    Thanks for sharing. Try my luck, either one is fine.  

  • FredMD

    I would like the Ink Bold please. Thank’s a lot.

  • SF Rookie

    Would love the Chase Ink Bold invitation code! Cheers!

  • RN


  • CJ

    I would prefer to get the code for Chase Ink Classic.

  • Joan

    I would love the Chase Ink Bold please.  Thank you!

  • Phillypaulb

    Ink bold, please!

  • Phillypaulb

    Ink bold, please!

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  • Have you tried this with an AMEX Simply Cash card that also pays back 5%?

    • D.j. Sanders, I have not tried that card and was unfamiliar with it. Looks like it is a no-fee business cash back card to compete with Chase Ink. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work with Office Depot for the 5% cash back. I personally still would stick to Ink Chase, as I value the flexible value of Chase Ultimate Rewards points more than the simple cash back.